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Vodka or Wodka?


How Vodka was made

Whether Vodka is Russian or Polish isn't clear, but it's certain Vodka originated from eastern Europe. This 'water', which is the translation of the Russian word 'voda', came into existence from the first distillation test using regional vegetable ingredients like different types of grains (rye and wheat's), potato's and sometimes even molasses of beets.

In cocktails with Vodka, from the classical ones through the most original, you will taste Russia and the slavic exoticism.

By using traditional techniques distillers were striving to make their vodka more clear. Triple distillation was common and some of the vodka distillers would even distil the alcohol four times.

De world famous Vodka 'Smirnoff' made it fame in Russia before the last century, due to a special technique of filtering the Vodka through charcoal.

These days only grains are used in the production of quality vodka's. In Poland you will find Vodka's that are based strictly on rye. It is also there that you will find a great variety of aroma's being distilled: buffalo herb (which grows in a national park were the last european buffalo's live), lemon, juniper berry, pepper, cherry, mountain herbs, honey, etc. These vodka are served at the dinner table with national dishes.

Vodka is also being made in the Baltic shore states, but especially in Sweden and Finland, where the distillers have taken it upon themselves to reach the maximal obtainable purity.

Vodka is often served straight, with caviar or smoked salmon and is best served very cold. In traditional restaurants in Russia, vodka is served at -20° Celsius, straight from the freezer, in a ice bucket.

Vodka is a neutral and clear spirit and is fit a base for many different types of cocktails.


long drink: at any time

Put in a shaker that is filled with 50% ice:

3/10 Vodka
1/10 Galliano
1/10 Southern Comfort
1/10 Advocaat liqueur
4/10 Orange Juice

Shake long and pour in large glasses. Top off with soda water and stir. Cover with a layer of cream and decorate with a slice of lemon. Serve with a straw.

Salty Dog

Very refreshing due to the contrast between the salt and the sour grapefruit juice.

Moisturize the rim of a tumbler glass with some lemon juice and rim it in fine salt. Add a few ice cubes and add:

3/10 Vodka
7/10 Grapefruit juice

Stir well before serving.



Long drink: aperitif

Put in a shaker that filled with 50% ice:

3/10 Vodka
5/10 Pineapple juice
2/10 Crème de Cacao
1 tsp. grenadine syrup
juice of 1 lemon

Stir well and serve in high Champagne glasses.


A deliciously refreshing Long drink

Put in a shaker that filled with 50% ice:

5/10 Vodka
2/10 Cointreau
3/10 Orange Juice

Stir well and pour in tumbler glasses. Top off with soda water or Ginger Ale. Decorate with a strip of lemon-, or orange skin.


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