Tropical cocktails
Never heard of Beer cocktails?


Not any bartender's favorite.

It's the oldest, fermented, manmade drink in the world and can be traced back in history as far as 6000 BC. Beer is no bartender's favorite.

Beer doesn't require any additions or supplements and there already are taste variances by diverse production methods in different countries.

Although it is not an alternative for drinking beer, beer cocktails do make a very tasting drink.

From predominately malted barley, but also rye and raw grains, like rice and corn, the brewer produces a sweet wort. Next a special yeast is added for fermentation and hop is used to aromatize the wort. After a resting period, the wort has changed into beer.

This is the basic recipe for all beers, but the brewers enjoy great liberties or creative freedom, when making beer. The choice of ingredients, de brewing technique, the process of fermentation (high, low or natural), the hop mixture, de time and the way of resting all contribute to the character and the originality of the beer.

The color of the beer, from light golden yellow, to a deep dark brown, are determined by the degree of burning of the grains. British Ales, Belgian trappist and geuzen, Irish stouts and czech lagers; there is a great variety of beers, even though pilsner, also called lager, is the best known and most suited for use in beer cocktails. When making beer cocktails is better to stay away from special beers, because the taste will be lost when adding other ingredients. It's better to use a bitter beer, because the bitterness increases the taste. Young and cold beer is also suitable.

Do not add any ice cubes, as that will make the foam as well as almost all of the aroma disappear.

The traditional cocktails with beer, mix with lemonade, fruit syrups (grenadine, mint or lemon) or with bitters and demonstrate that beer can be combined with other ingredients to form new cocktails.


Whether they come from north Africa (Picon) or from Italy, more and more bitters are combined with beer. There even is a bitter based on artichoke (Cynar).

Put in a foot glass:

5 cl. Picon
2,5 dl. cold Beer



Long Drink: at any time.

Put in a wine glass:

5/10 beer
5/10 Champagne

Serve cold!



An attempt to renew from the brewery Pelforth.

Put in a beer glass:

2/10 White Vermouth
1/10 Blue Curaçao
7/10 Cold Beer


Manneken Pis

Long drink: at any time.

Put in a beer glass:

2/10 Mandarine Imperiale
1/10 Campari
3/10 Cold Geuze (Belgian Beer)



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