Tropical cocktails
Thank god for apples!


After you have had a taste of Calvados you know that paradise gave up on it's 2 most prized possessions!

It is thanks to Calvados, that you find the refined aroma's of apples in your glass and cocktails. Distilling this fruit is a widespread, ancient custom and there are several countries, like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United states (under the name Applejack) where we can find a spirit that is made from apples. However, it's only in France, in Normandy to be precise, that this brandy has reached the level of nobility.

Calvados, remains close to mother nature, both in cider production as in distillation and ripening and have a wide variety of aroma's and tastes.

Because although there are numerous other area's in France that produce a cider, fermented juice of Apples (or pear cider, based on pears), it is Normandy, in Auge to be precise, where the main domain for the calvados lies. Oddly, the name Calvados originated from a ship that belonged to the Spanish Armada, El Salvador, which had been sunk in 1588 right of the coast of Normandy. During the French revolution this name was given to one of the departments and it was not until the late 1800's that this name was given to cider-brandy.

The Bitter, sour or sweet apples for cider --there are more than 200 varieties -- are plucked when ripe and kept for a month, before grinding or pressing them. Completely natural fermentation changes the juice into a cider with an alcohol percentage of 4 to 5%. After a lying period, which can last up to a year, the distillers distil thee cider in special cognac kettles, which is obligatory in the Auge region; after which the calvados has to ripen in oak wood- or chestnut barrels. In some districts, like the domfrontais, some pear cider may be added to soften the taste. Calvados knows many taste and aroma varieties.

For many years people would speak degrading about calvados, but eventually this brandy found it's true place and are the distillers offering qualities that have ripened long enough. Besides Cognac and Armagnac, is Calvados the only type of brandy that has an appellation d'origine controle (AOC).

Po Pomme

Normandy, famous for it's cider apples, can be sensed in this drink.

Put in a mixing glass with some ice cubes:

6/10 Calvados
4/10 Cherry Brandy
2 splashes of Angostura

Stir well long and serve in large tumbler glasses. Top off with cider (brut). Decorate to taste with some parts of apple and 3 preserved cherries.


Short drink: Digestif.

Put in a shaker that is filled with 50% ice:

4/10 Calvados
3/10 White Rum
3/10 Red Vermouth

Shake well and serve in cocktail glasses.


Apple Highball

Long drink: Aperitif.

Put 4 cl. Calvados in a large tumbler glass with some ice cubes.

Top off with Ginger Ale or Soda Water.

Stir and add a slice of lemon skin.

Apple Blossom

Short drink: Aperitif.

Put in a shaker that is filled with 50% ice:

5/10 Calvados
5/10 Red Vermouth

Shake well and serve in cocktail glasses.


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