Tropical cocktails
The right equipment behind a cocktail bar


What a bartender needs to make cocktails


  • the shaker: There are some shaker that are made of 3 separate parts, with the middle part holding a fixed filter. Those shakers are not always as waterproof as they should be. Using a professional model like the Boston shaker is advisable. These shakers are made of 2 parts: the cup en a top with a filter aka the strainer. Metal shakers are preferred over the glass types.
  • a mixing glass with a long spoon, logically named a bar spoon.
  • an ice bucket
  • an ice tong
  • a fruit press
  • a cork screw that includes a small knife which can be used to remove lids.
  • a bottle opener
  • a fruit knife and plate

Additional tools:

  • a siphon with CO2 cartridge to make "fresh" soda water
  • a measuring jigger
  • a straw holder
  • a nutmeg grater
  • small plates (for rimming the glasses with salt or sugar)
  • a sugar sprinkler
  • a very thin & long knife to carve fruit for garnish and side decoration.
  • a bottle cap for opened wine of champagne bottles.
  • a can opener
  • an (electronic) mixer / blender.

The cocktail glasses:

The basic rule is that cocktail glasses should be transparent, colorless and unmarked, so that the beautiful colors of the cocktail get the appreciation they deserve. If so required you can use glasses with a colored foot or markings for exotic and refreshing long drinks.

  • Large foot glass
  • High Champagne glass
  • Cocktail glass
  • Big tumbler glass, straight, 30 - 50 cl.
  • Small tumbler glass, straight, 15 - 30 cl.
  • 'old fashioned' glass, straight and large, like a whiskey glass.
  • small foot glass
  • balloon glass
  • Cognac glass
  • Glass with large ear or metal holder for hot drinks
  • Beer glass, straight or with a foot.
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