Tropical cocktails
how to make nice cocktails



How to make a great cocktail and when and where were cocktails first served?

Martini Dry, Gin Fizz, Irish Coffee, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, Margarita..., all famous cocktails that are within your reach, with a minimum of requirements. On this cocktail web site we will teach you step by step which ingredients to use when making both the classic cocktails as well as your own variants on those classic cocktails.

Learn more about the prepartion of Gin cocktails, Vodka cocktails, Tequila cocktails, Rum cocktails, Whisky cocktails, Calvados cocktails, Cognac cocktails, Vermouth cocktails, Port cocktails, Anise drinks & bitters cocktails, Liqueur based cocktails, Wine cocktails, Champagne cocktails, Beer cocktails and even warm cocktails on their respective pages on this website.

These cocktails, with sometimes amazing colors and classical, or very exotic tastes, which you will make for yourself or your friends, make any night a festive night! Cocktails belong at celebrations, sunny afternoons and warm summer nights. Most people reserve cocktails strictly for parties, because "it takes a lot of effort", but perhaps that is a misunderstanding? Many cocktails are made by a flick of the wrist en don't require many different bar instruments or exotic, hard to obtain ingredients.

Cocktails are appropriate for every occasion that call for a nice drink and that drink doesn't necessarily have to contain alcohol. On this site you will find a large number of alcohol free cocktails as well.

Those who start out with simple cocktails will soon able to make her or his variants on the classic cocktails and thus expand his or her's repertoire significantly.