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The Scandinavian Kitchen

Aquavit, the Danish or Norwegian cousin of the Vodka, is sometimes made of potato's, but also from grain (rye or barley). Cummin seed, Fennel, aniseed make the different tastes. Some of the Aquavit's ripen in oak wood barrels and there is one, namely de linie awuavit (distilled by Loiten) which sails around the world and passes the equator twice before it will be bottled. This Aquavit is much darker and more aromatic than it's normal brothers.

Aquavit is consumed neat or with ice with smoked salmon and other scandinavian dishes. In a cocktail it is a good replacement for Vodka, creating a wonderful, unique, taste.

Grand Prix

short drink: Digestif.

Fill a shaker half with ice and add:

5/10 Vodka
3/10 Dry White Vermouth
2/10 Cointreau
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 splash of grenadine syrup

Shake well and serve in cocktail glasses

White Spider

This very refreshing cocktail is a pleasant surprise thanks to the colorless mint liqueur.

Put in a glass with a few ice cubes:

5/10 Vodka
5/10 colorless peppermint liqueur

Stir and decorate with mint leaves.


Gulf Stream

Short drink: aperitif.

Fill a shaker half full with ice cubes and add:

5/10 Vodka
5/10 Gin
1 splash of Angostura

Give it a quick shake and serve in cocktail glasses. Decorate with an green olive.


This short drink is quite strong and the almond taste makes it very suitable as an aperitif.

Put in a glass with some ice cubes:

3/10 Amaretto
7/10 Vodka

Stir well and serve.


A wonderful aperitif... which should be consumed with discretion, as it is much stronger that people expect it to be.

Put in a shaker that is 50% filled with ice and add:

6/10 Vodka
4/10 Campari

Shake and serve in high champagne glasses. Top off with Champagne and decorate with a slice of orange.


Long drink: any time, any where.

Mix in a shaker with filled half with ice:

3/10 Vodka
2/10 Cointreau
4/10 pineapple juice
1/10 lemon juice

Shake well transfer the mix to large tumbler glasses and top them off with Tonic.



Short drink: Digestif.

Add to the 50% ice in the shaker:

6/10 Vodka
4/10 Benedictine
1 splash of Angostura

Shake well and serve in cocktail glasses.


short drink: Aperitif

Put in mixing glass with some ice cubes:

4/10 Vodka
4/10 Drambuie
2/10 Peach liqueur
2/10 passion fruit juice
2/10 Peach Juice

Shake well and serve in cocktail glasses. Decorate with a preserved cherry.

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