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Tonic lovers:

Gin Tonic, a combination of Gin with indian Tonic, has become so much of an tradition in England, that it is there seen as one single drink. There are even Gin-Tonic premixes for sale; useful at a picnic, fishing trip or excursion. One only needs to store them cold or serve them on the rocks.

Gin Fizz

A refreshing, but strong long drink.

Fill a shaker 50% with ice and add:

7/10 Gin
3/10 Lemon Juice
1 tsp. sugar

Shake long and pour in large glasses. Top up with soda water and decorate with a slice of lemon.

Serve with a carafe of ice water.

Deep Valley

A colorful, refreshing, long drink. that is light alcoholic.

Put in a mixing glass with some ice cubes:

3/10 Gin
3/10 Blue Curaçao
4/10 Pineapple juice

add a squirt of lemon juice and top up with soda water. You can decorate this cocktail with a preserved cherry and a twisting peel of lemon skin.


Red Lion

This is an aromatic and relatively dry cocktail, which can be served at any time of the day, but is usually preferred as aperitif.

Fill a shaker 50% with ice and add:

3/10 Gin
2/10 Lemon Juice
2/10 Orange Juice
3/10 grand marnier

Shake well and serve in Cocktail glasses

Gin Tonic

This typically british long drink. is refreshing at any time of the day.

Put in a large glass with some ice cubes:

3/10 Gin
7/10 Tonic

Stir carefully and serve with a slice of lemon.

The big family of Collins

It is said that during the victorian period, there was a barkeeper in London called John Collins. Is it possible that he has lend his name to the cocktail family that has since originated? It is difficult that answer this question with 100% certainty, but we are dealing with true bar classics. The collins always consist of lemon juice and sugar syrup with a type of spirit, like, of course, Gin and other Genevers, but also irish whiskey, bourbon, of even calvados and cognac. You will only have to name the cocktails and top it off with soda water.

Royal Fizz

Long drink: Aperitif

Put in a shaker that is 50% filled with ice and add:

7/10 Gin
3/10 Lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
1 Egg

Shake well and pour in large glasses. Top up with Soda water, stir again and serve with a slice of lemon.

Tom Collins

Soft and very easy to digest. If you replace the Gin with Jenever or Genever you will get another cocktail: the John Collins.

Put in a tumbler with ice:

1 tsp. Sugar or 1 tbsp. cane sugar syrup
4 cl. Gin
juice of 1 lemon.

Top up with Soda water and stir. Serve with a slice of lemon, a preserved cherry and a straw.


Knock out

Long drink: Aperitif.

Add to the 50% ice in the shaker:

6/10 Gin
4/10 Pastis
1 tbsp. Crème de Menthe

Shake briskly and pour into tumbler glasses. Squeeze a few slices of lemon over the glass and decorate with some mint leaves.


This is cocktail is both dry as well as bitter and makes a very good aperitif.

Put in Tumbler glasses with 2 ice cubes:

4/10 Gin
3/10 Red Vermouth
3/10 Campari

Stir well and serve with half a orange slice.

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