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Ginger Ale: Pure English

Even though the word Gin appears in the word Ginger Ale, Ginger Ale has nothing to do with Gin. Ginger Ale is an corbonated drink to which ginger extract and a colouring agent have been added. Ginger Ale is very popular in the UK, but hardly used outside of their borders. The bitter and spicy taste of the Ginger Ale, which goes very well with Gin, is often preffered over the more dull soda water.

Pink Gin

It's best to use plymouth gin for this dry and bitter short drink, as it is much more aromatic, but can be difficult to find.

Put in a mixing glass with some ice cubes:

4 cl. Gin
2 squirts of Angostura

Stir well and use a strainer to pour in a cold cocktail glass.

Serve with a carafe of ice water.

Mer de Chine

Fill a shaker 50% with ice and add:

5/10 Gin
2/10 Coconut liqueur
3/10 Blue Curaçao

shake and serve in cocktail glasses with a preserved cherry.



It's the grand marnier that softens the different dry tastes in this short drink.

Put in a mixing glass with some ice cubes :

3/10 Gin
3/10 Dry White vermouth
2/10 sherry
2/10 Dubonnet
1 splash of grand marnier

Give it a quick mix and serve in cocktail glasses through a strainer.


short drink: aperitif

Put in a mixing glass with some ice cubes:

7/10 Gin
3/10 yellow Chartreuse

Stir well and serve chilled cocktail glasses


short drink: Aperitif

Put in a shaker that is 50% filled with ice and add:

5/10 Gin
3/10 Byrrh
2/10 white Vermouth

Shake and serve in cocktail glasses. Decorate with a slice of lemon.


Long drink: any time, any where.

Mix in a shaker with filled half with ice:

6/10 Gin
2/10 Ginger Ale
1/10 lemon juice
1/10 grenadine Syrup

Shake well and serve in tumbler glasses.



Long drink: Digistif.

Add to the 50% ice in the shaker:

4/10 Gin
4/10 Parfait Amour
2/10 wine peach liqueur
1 dash of Angostura

Shake well and long. Pour in tumbler glasses and add a splash of tonic.

Yellow Cab

short drink: at any time

Add to the 50% ice in the shaker:

3/10 Gin
2/10 Peach Liqueur
1/10 Safari
2/10 passion fruit juice
2/10 Peach Juice

Shake well and serve in Balloon glasses.

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