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Long drink: at any time.

Put in a mixing bowl:

1 ripe Banana
2,5 dl. soft drink

Give it a quick mix and separate into 4 glasses. Top off with even parts soft drink and beer.


Long drink: at any time.

Put in a beer glass:

1/10 Raspberry liqueur
4/10 Grapefruit juice
1 splash of blue Curaçao
5/10 Beer

Serve cold.


Black Velvet

One of the few beer based cocktails with an international reputation.

Put in a large glass:

5/10 Stout (Guinness, Murphy's)
5/10 Champagne


Ale Flip

Long drink: Digestif.

Put in a shaker filled with crushed ice:

1 bottle of english Ale
1 egg

Stir well. Serve cold in a stein or a regular beer glass.



This refreshing long drink with little alcohol will be popular with the youngsters.

Put in a beer glass:

2/10 Crème de cassis
2/10 white grape juice
6/10 Cold Beer

Serve immediately.

Irish Picon

Long drink: aperitif.

Put in a beer glass:

2 splashes grenadine syrup
2 cl. Picon
1 bottle chilled Stout

Add a strip of lemon just before serving.

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